Fleet User Manual 2022

Work Orders Module

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Work orders are tasks that can be scheduled or assigned to users to manage and facilitate vehicle maintenance operations. All the current work orders added to your account on Fleet system will appear in this module with all their related information, like vehicle name, work order status, the date on which the work order was issued, and the user assigned to the task. Work Order module interface also offers a number of actions that help you manage your work orders, like searching for a certain work order, filtering work orders, in addition to editing, deleting, and adding new work orders.

How to add a new work order

  • Click ‘Add New”.
  • A new window will open.

  • Choose the vehicle that the work order is meant for. Please note that you can only add one work order per vehicle, and once your work order is created, the vehicle status will switch from active to ‘In Maintenance’ until the work order is executed.
  • Enter the location where the vehicle is supposed to receive the maintenance job.
  • Enter odometer and engine hours values, unless your Fleet account is integrated with Buraq Pro system, in that case these values will be set automatically.

  • Set start date and time.
  • Set end date and time.
  • Choose the user who is creating the work order.
  • You can assign a supervisor for the work order from ‘Assigned to’ drop-down list. The chosen user will be notified by Fleet System, and you also have the option to notify them by email.
  • Choose vendor, if the maintenance work is done by an entity outside your business.
  • Label the work order according to its nature.

  • Enter invoice number.
  • Enter purchase order number for parts needed for the maintenance job.

  • In the Issues section, from the list of available issues, choose the issue that the vehicle is suffering from, or add a new issue.
  • Click ‘Save’.

  • In the Line Items section, add the service task/s.
  • Assign the responsible labors and enter their related information.
  • Choose the part/s used in the task, parts quantity and location.
  • In Summary, add the discount, discount type, and tax.
  • Click ‘Save’ to create the work order.

Your work order will be added to the list of work orders. When you click on it, its dashboard will open, showing all the data that you entered when you created the work order.

Work orders dashboard also gives you the following options/features:

–  Work order status: change it according to your workflow.

– Printing work orders. When you click print, the work order will be downloaded to your PC where you can print it.

– Edit Details of the work order to add or modify any information.

– Add comments to the work order.

– Add photos to the work order.

– Add documents to the work order.

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