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Warehouses Module

This module is dedicated to viewing, adding, removing, and editing your list of warehouses. It consists of an Action Bar on the upper middle side of the screen with actions that include refreshing, adding, removing, exporting, importing the list of warehouses along with the warehouses grid, and grid customizer. The warehouses grid contains your list of warehouses and all their related information, like visibility, name, phone, address, number of buildings, number of floors, number of rooms, number of active units, number of inactive units, type, and actions (Extra, edit, copy, delete).

How to add a warehouse:

– Click on the plus sign (+) in the action bar.

– A new window will open with two tabs; Warehouse Info and Access.

– In Warehouse Info enter the warehouse name, address (you can enter the address manually and you can draw it on the map), phone, type (circle/polygon), color, buildings and floors.

– Click Save.

– In the Access tab, give users access to the warehouse.

Please note that you can add a bulk of warehouses using the import feature in the Action Bar.

How to monitor a warehouse:

– To monitor a warehouse, go to the table of contents, click Monitoring > Warehouses.




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