Fleet User Manual 2022

Vehicles Assignments Module

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Using the vehicles assignments module fleet owners and operators can track all Past, Current and Future Vehicle and Driver Assignments. You can also add, edit, and end/delete assignments from this module’s interface.

To add a new assignment, follow these instructions:

  • Click ‘Add New’, and a new window will open.
  • Choose the vehicle from the list of vehicles registered on your Fleet account.
  • From the list of drivers registered on your Fleet account, assign a driver to the vehicle.
  • Choose the assignment type; Shift, Free, or Open Ended.
  • If it’s ‘Free’, set the start date and time, end date and time.

  • If it is ‘Open Ended’, only set the start date and time.

  • If you choose ‘Shift, you will only need to set the start and end dates, in addition to shift schedule.

Fill the rest of the fields (optional), and click Save.

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