Fleet User Manual 2022

Users Module

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A module dedicated to viewing, adding, editing, archiving, and deactivating the list of users registered on your Fleet account. Users module consists of two sections; Users List and Users Archive.

A-  Users List:

In this section you can find a list of all the users registered on your account with all the necessary tools and features to manage those users.  In addition to user name, the list of users shows the email, phone, and type of users. You can search for users using any of the aforementioned information in the related search box on top of each column and you can also filter the list of users.

Add A New User

When you click ‘Add New’ on the upper right side of the screen, a new window will open:

Fill all the mandatory fields, like name in English and Arabic, User Name to use on the system, email address, phone number, password and password confirmation, and finally choose the user type; driver, technician, employee, or administrator. Assign the access for the user (web, mobile phone, or both), and fill any additional optional fields.

Finally click Save to add the user to the list.

Edit A User

To edit a user, click the edit icon , edit the information of the user, and click Save.

Deactivate A User

To deactivate a user, click the deactivate icon from the users list .

 Archive A User

To archive a user, click the archive icon from the users list, confirm the action, and the user will be sent to the Users Archive.

B- Users Archive

Users Archive is where you can view, and restore archived users.

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