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Actions: This column contains the four following features:

– Extra

– Edit

– Copy

– Delete.

1- Extra: Contains five more features as follows:


A- Assign to users: Used by admins to give sub-accounts the permission to view units.


B- Unassign from users: Used by admins to withdraw permissions from sub-accounts.

C- Bind Driver to Unit. When you click this icon a window containing the names, phones, and emails of your registered drivers will appear with the option to take the action of binding drivers to units.

D- Bind Trailer to Unit. Just like binding drivers to units, this icon allows you to bind trailers to units. When you click it a window containing the names, description, ibuttons, and RFIDs of the units will appear with the option to take the action of binding trailers to units.

E- Set status: a short description of the unit status like at workshop, in maintenance, had an accident, etc.

2- Edit: Used to edit a unit’s information. It is the same feature that exists in the monitoring module. To edit a unit’s information, click on this icon and enter the different details and specifications of the unit as explained previously in the monitoring module. See Properties/Edit page in Monitoring.

3- Copy: Creates a copy of the unit’s data. It is a faster way of adding units by copying the data of an existing unit and editing its information to create a new unit.

4- Remove: Used to temporarily delete units. To permanently delete units, go to List Trashed from the action bar and click Delete Forever.

Note: Users do not have permission to delete units. AFAQY specialists are responsible for that task.






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