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Action Bar

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Refresh: used to reload and update the table of units in case you want to view the newly added units or resolve a technical or loading issue.

Add: this plus icon is used for adding new units to the user account.

Please note that AFAQY support team is the side responsible for adding new units to your account. In coordination and cooperation with the Installation team, they install the devices and add the new units.  As a user, you can edit the information and the data (different details and information about the units) of the units and create unit groups.

List trashed: contains the deleted units and it gives you the ability to; delete units forever, or restore them, if they were deleted by mistake, or you changed your mind about deleting them.

Export: This feature gives you the ability to extract and download the units’ data as a file with an XLSX, XLS, or CSV extension.

Import: Using the import icon allows you to upload data files to the system. If you have a ready excel file containing all units’ data, you can add these units to the system very easily; just click import and upload the file from your computer. This feature is very beneficial for accounts that contain a large number of units.

Grid Columns Customizer: An icon that enables you to choose what columns to show/hide from the units’ table. Customize the table according to your needs and your unit’s specifications.

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