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Traffic Tickets

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Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets is a module dedicated to viewing, adding, and editing the traffic tickets that your fleet receives on the road. Traffic Tickets features help fleet owners to monitor, reward, and punish driver behaviors and overall performance.

Module Components

A- Traffic Tickets’ Grid: A table containing all the relevant information about the traffic tickets, like ticket name, unit, driver, date, and penalty. It also gives you a number of actions (edit, copy, and delete traffic ticket).


B- Traffic tickets Action Bar:

1- Refresh: Used to refresh and update the list of traffic tickets.

2- Add: Dedicated to adding new traffic tickets.


How to add a traffic ticket

– Click on add (+) and a new window will open allowing you to add a new traffic ticket.

– Enter the traffic ticket info; ticket name, ticket ID, date, unit, cost and penalty. The system displays the driver assigned to that unit at that date and time.

– Click Save to confirm adding the traffic ticket.


Please note that:

-The ticket ID has to be unique and the plate number has to be listed on the system from Units module.

– The penalty value has to be more than 0 in order to create the traffic ticket.

To set the value of the penalty in points, go to Events module, click (+), go to Notifications tab, and set the Violation Penalty in points.

3- Export: Used to export the list of traffic tickets to an external directory.

4- Trash list: contains the deleted traffic tickets, the date of their deletion, and the option to restore or permanently delete them.

5- Import: used to import the list of traffic tickets from an external directory.


How to import traffic tickets:

  • Click on ‘Download Import Template’ icon in the Action Bar

  • Open the template file and enter all the traffic tickets information; ticket ID, ticket name, date, cost in SAR, time, penalty, plate number in Arabic and plate number in English.

  • Upload the file from the import icon.

Note: ticket ID has to be unique and the plate number has to be listed on the system from the units module.


5- Customize Grid Columns: Used to help you customize the grid of traffic tickets and choose to show the features relevant to you.

To view traffic tickets report go to Scorecard Report.

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