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Tracking tab enables you to track the unit’s trips, events, stops and parking through a period with the option to play the unit track on the map.

By clicking over the tracking tab, it will open to you at the left side of the screen with the following:

  • Units:
    Search for the unit you want to track in the search bar beside it.
  • Color:
    Define the tracking color on the map with the following options:
  • Single color:
    Choose the color you want the entire track from the list of colors
  • By Speed:
    This will allow you to track the unit based on the speed interval as displayed on the screen.
  • Line size:
    Choose the size of the colored lines on the map from 1 to 15.
  • Choose what to show on the track (annotations, events, stops, parking, some of them or all of them).
  • Time Interval:
    • After that you will choose the track of the time intervals (current day, yesterday, week, month).
    • You can also show the track for a specific time interval as the following:
      • Previous interval:

– Enter (minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, year).
– You also have the option to include current (minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, year) of the previous selection.

  • Specified interval:

– Add From (date and time).
– Add TO (Date and time).

  • Starts from until today interval:

– Enters From (date and time).

  • After that, Click on Generate to start tracking.

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