AVL Updated User Manual English Version

Track Player

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Track Player: This feature gives you the ability to watch a real-time replay of the track of the vehicle during the time period you enter. When you click on this icon, the track player will appear as a popup window with the name, speed, and location of the vehicle with different keys that allow you to play the track on the map. You have the play/pause key to start/stop playing, a key to go to previous point/annotation, a key to go to next point/annotation, a key to go to previous 10 points/annotations, and a key to go to next 10 points/annotations. You can also control the speed of the player from the dropdown list on the right where you can play the track 25 times up to 1000 times faster. At the bottom of the window you have two dropdown lists. The first one is for parameters and it gives you the reading of the variables that you have activated on the device, like vehicle battery. The second list is for sensors and it contains the readings and updates of the installed sensors throughout the time of the journey.

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