AVL Updated User Manual English Version


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– Color: Here you can choose the color of the track- which will appear on the map on the right side of the screen- and the method by which you want to view it.

You have two options for viewing the track:

A- Single color: choosing this option will generate a single-color route. You can choose the color of the route from six different colors: red, yellow, blue, green, light grey, and black. Choose this option if; you need to view the history of the vehicle without any details about the speed, or you want to generate the tracks of different vehicles on the map at the same time with a different color for each different track/unit.

B- By Speeds: Choosing this option will generate a multi-color route according to the speed of the unit, with each color representing a different speed limit. Green (0-60 km/h), yellow (60-100 km/h), blue (100-120), purple (120-150 km/h), red (150+ km/h). Choose this option if you need more details about the different speeds of your vehicle throughout the course of the route. Without reviewing the reports or the events of the unit, the multi-color track will give you an instant insight into the overspeeding violations that the driver made during the journey and where exactly they happened.

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