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Settings: Roles and Permissions:

Roles and Permissions is the module created to decide what privileges are going to be given to users; what features of the system they can use, what actions they can take, and what info they can view and edit, etc. users’ roles and permissions differ in accordance with their job title (supervisor, driver, salesman, admin, etc.). Roles and Permissions module saves you a lot of time when adding new users. You do not need to assign user permissions feature by feature and user by user, when you add the user for the first time. If you have a group of users that have the same privileges, use this module to assign their permission in one place.

Module components:

– Action Bar (Add, Refresh, List Trashed, Export, Import, Customize Grid)

– Grid of roles and permissions.

To add a new role:

– Click the (+) sign in the action bar in the upper middle part of the screen.

– A new window will open containing all the sections of the system and their features.

– Enter the role name in the Name field (ex: Driver).

– Check/uncheck any feature for this particular role in each different section.

– Click Save.

– The newly added user with their assigned roles and permissions will appear in the grid. The system gives you the ability to edit those permissions at any moment.

When adding a new user in the Users module, you will find the name of the role that you added in the Main Info tab. When you choose that role, you give the newly-added user the roles and permissions assigned to it.

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