Fleet User Manual 2022

Work Order

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Work Order Statuses: used to view, add, edit, and delete work order statuses. Fleet system contains two predefined work order statuses; Open which is the default status, and Done which is used for completed work orders.

To change the default status, click the icon under ‘Mark as Default’ in the same row of the status that you want to make as default.

To edit a work order status, click the edit icon, change status info and click Save.

To delete a work order status, click the delete icon .

To add a new work order status, click Add New, enter status name, assign a color for it, the click Save.

Note: tick the ‘Mark as done’ box if the status is an end status. An end status is used for completed job orders; whether done or canceled or something else.

Job Card: in this section the user can configure the job cards that are generated for each work order according to business needs.

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