AVL User Manual

Multi-Unit Follow

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Multi-Unit follow enables you to multi units, multi users, multi drivers and multi resources on different numbers of screens.


  •  Click on the + icon to add a new screen.
  • Choose the resources (units, users and drivers) you want to follow on the screen.
  • Choose the tracker status of the resources you want to monitor on the screen (Moving, stopped, stopped + engine on, stopped + engine off).
  • On the screen icons:
    • Cluster/Uncluster Objects:
      To group and ungroup objects on the screen
    • Change the map style:
      Press on the world icon to change the map style from the following:
      – Open Street map

– Google Road map

– Google satellite

– Google Hybrid

– show/hide google traffic

  • Fullscreen:

– Press on the icon to display it in full screen.

– To restore the screen to the default screen.

  • Delete:

To delete the screen press on the X sign.

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