AVL User Manual


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This column shows to you the name of each unit on the monitoring list.

By hoovering over the unit name and icon on the list, a tooltip will popup showing (unit name, Last signal sent, address, speed, angle of movement, altitude, engine hours, distance covered by the vehicle, number of connected satellites, closest zone distance, closest marker distance, and further details are controlled from the user settings section).

To switch the map view to the exact location of the unit, a single click on the name and it will switch to its location

To open a solo monitoring window for a certain unit, double click on the unit name.

Through this window you can change the map style, show/hide the details of the unit and zoom out/in.

To close it, double click on the unit name and it will close or click on the X icon on the pop-up window

You can sort the unit name list alphabetically by clicking on the “name” word in the bold blue strip.

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