AVL Updated User Manual English Version

Watch Unit on Map

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The Watch Unit on Map feature allows you to watch a particular unit of your fleet/group of units on the map. Click on this car-shaped icon next to your unit’s name to pinpoint your unit’s precise location on the map. You can also choose to watch all units on the map by clicking the head icon (Watch All Selected Units on Map) icon on top of the column. In the latter case, the feature works in a similar way to the Unit Visibility feature on the top left of the monitoring panel.

When inactive, the Watch unit on the map icon appears in grey color. When you activate it by clicking on it, the car-shaped icon turns green with a Wi-Fi symbol on its side.

Shortcut to Watch Unit on the Map: Double click on the unit’s name and a pop-up showing the unit’s location on the map will appear on the right side of the screen.

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