AVL Updated User Manual English Version


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6- Services: This tab is where you enter the maintenance and operation services that your vehicle is supposed to receive. All the services added to your vehicle will appear here in this window. To add a new service, click +Add new service, a new window will appear, enter the name and the specifications of the service, or choose to update last service which means that the last service will be cloned. Types of services include: changing oil, changing covers, changing candles, driver’s Iqama, renewal, inspection, and many more.

Services depend on three major factors: Odometer, engine hours, and number of days. Choose to receive the service according to one of these factors and set the interval; the period between each service, Last Service; the last time your vehicle received the service, and the Event left; which means the distance in km, the engine hours, or the days – before the end of the interval- which you want to receive an event about this service on.

For example, if the interval is 500 km and the Last service is 100 Km and the Event left is 50, then you will receive a service event when the odometer reading is 550 km.

Finally enter the date, which is the date of the end of the service, and click Save.

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