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Fuel Consumption

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4- Fuel Consumption: If your vehicle does not have a fuel sensor that gives you a precise reading of your fuel consumption, this tab can help you get an estimated report of your fuel-consumption numbers. This estimate can be calculated by rates; you enter the rate of fuel consumption during summers and during winters per 100 km, and select the beginning and the end of the winter season according to your geographical location. This rate is entered based on previous knowledge of the vehicle’s performance, fuel-consumption habits, and also the type and model of the vehicle. It can also be calculated by adding the idling time consumption rate per hour, urban and suburban cycles’ consumption rates per 100 km, and the coefficient when moving under load.

Along with giving you a general idea about your fuel needs, one of the benefits of this fuel consumption report is that it eliminates the possibility of fuel manipulation or cheating on the part of the driver.

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