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A command is a tool by which the user can remotely communicate with and control the unit. It is an order sent to the unit usually using a relay device to perform a specific task. This feature is especially important for users and clients like car rental agencies because it allows them to regain control of their units in case of an emergency, like theft or delay. It is also very important for delivery services because it gives them the ability to send data like current location and destination directly to the unit. Types of commands include: Engine on, Engine off, open/close door, restart the device, delete device record, and others.

When there are commands assigned to a unit, the command icon will appear in dark blue and the list of commands will appear when you hover over the icon with the mouse. If there are no commands, the icon appears in a dark grey color with the line “No Commands Available” appearing over it.

To create a command, contact AFAQY Support team and explain your needs to them. They will choose the type of command, the channel through which it will be sent (SMS, GPRS, or both), and save the needed command so that you could be able to send it to the unit when you need to.

To execute a command, double click on the commands icon in the monitoring panel, a list of the assigned commands will appear in front of you, select the command you want to execute, and then click execute to send the command to the unit, or click Cancel to close the commands list.

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