AVL Updated User Manual English Version

Panel Customizer

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This tool is designed to give the user control over what to see and what to hide in the Monitoring panel. Use the panel customizer to hide the features that you are not going to need. For example: if your units do not have CCTV applied, or they don’t have trailers bound to them, it might be more convenient for you to remove those icons from the panel. Icons that you hide from the Monitoring panel appear in the Additional menu.

The Panel customizer also gives you the following options regarding these monitoring features:

Drivers: Choose to show drivers by their name, phone, image, name + image, and image + phone.

Trailer: Choose to show trailers by their name, image, or name + image.

Motion state: Set the validity period value.

Quick messages: Choose the time period during which you need to view the messages’ data.

Quick track: Choose the time period for which you need to view the tracking record.

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