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Add to the list

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Use ”Add to the list” when you want to monitor a specific unit or number of units. Click on Add to the list, a popup search window will appear, search for the unit you want to monitor by choosing the type of keyword (name, driver, owner, etc.) or choose All, check/uncheck the three boxes (Show on map, Not updated, Has CCTV) according to your needs and unit’s status, then enter the keyword and the unit will appear in the search results and you will have two options:

1- Add to monitoring list. This option gives you the ability to add the unit/s to the other units in the monitoring list. It will turn on unit visibility for the unit/s on both the list and the map without removing the rest of the units which will stay on the list but will be invisible on the map.

2- Replace monitoring list. Choose this option if you want the monitoring list to only show the unit/s that you searched for and chose. It will show you the unit/s alone in the monitoring list and on the map replacing the rest of the units.

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