Fleet User Manual 2022

Meters History Module

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Meters History module contains the odometer readings for your fleet of vehicles with the date of the reading and a number of actions like, searching for a reading by vehicle name or plate number, filtering readings (according to Manually entered, GPS integration, Fuel Entry, Issue, Service entry, and work order), and adding new readings.

Note: Edit and Delete options are available for manually-entered readings only.

To manually add a new odometer reading:

  • Click Add New, and a new window will open.

  • Choose vehicle.
  • Enter odometer reading.
  • Choose ‘Void Odometer’ option if you are unsure about the reading.
  • Set the date and time.
  • Click Save and the reading will be added to the list.

Note: if your Fleet account is integrated with AFAQY’s AVL system BURAQ PRO, your vehicles’ odometer readings will be set automatically.

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