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Messages tab enables you to view all the messages, SMSs or any log for a selected unit during a specific time interval.


By clicking over the messages tab, it will open to you at the left side of the screen with the following:

  • Unit:
    Choose from the unit list the desired unit
  • Time interval:
    • Interval:
      Choose the time interval for the messages on the fly for:
      – (Today, Yesterday, week, month).
      – OR from the dropdown menu choose (Specified interval, ‘Starts from’ until today, For previous).
    • From & To:
      This to specify the time interval based on your previous choice in which you need to get the data.
      – Specified time interval:
      You will enter the start and finish date and time.
    • Start ‘from’ until today:
      You will enter the start date and time.

– For Previous:

  • You will set the date and time by (minute, hour, day, week and year).
  • You have the option to include the current date and time with (minute, hour, day, week and year) with the retrieved data).
    • Message option:
      Choose the message type you want to be displayed (Sensors, parameters or both of them).
  • Clear:
    click to clear the fields
  • Execute:
    Click to execute the messages as a summary below it as the following:
    – Total messages:
    Total messages sent from the devices

– Total time:
Total time taken to send the date

– Distance:
Distance covered by the selected unit
– Average speed:
Average speed of the selected unit
– Maximum speed:
Maximum speed of the selected unit

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