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Table of Messages

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The table of messages: a table on the bottom right side of the message module containing all the messages sent to the server during the time period that you entered. The table contains the messages details and the readings of sensors and/or parameters and other details about the unit, like number of messages, speed by km/h, latitude, longitude, altitude by meter, RPM, weight, engine temperature ACC, truck battery voltage, S.O.S, driver and vehicle ID, vehicle battery, and many more.

Table Customizer: customize what you want to view or hide from the table.

Table Control Keys: used to control and organize the messages table.

Auto width: You can control the size of the cells and columns manually or automatically by clicking auto width.

Messages per page: the number of messages that a single page of the table contains. You can view 10 to 1000 messages per page.

First page.

Number of page/s.

Previous page.

Next page.

Last page.

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