Fleet User Manual 2022

Issues Module

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Issues is a module dedicated to viewing and managing the issues related to your fleet of vehicles. All the issues added to your account on Fleet system will appear in this module with all their related information, like reference, vehicle name/plate number, issue summary, and the user the issue is assigned to. Issues are classified into three categories; open, in progress, and closed. Open issues are issues not linked with maintenance requests. In-progress issues are issues linked with maintenance requests. Closed issues are issues that had been resolved. Issues module interface also offers a number of actions that help you manage your vehicles’ issues, like searching for an issue, filtering issues according to date, summary, assigned user, and the reporting user, in addition to editing, deleting, exporting, and adding new vehicle issues.

How to add a new issue

  • Click ‘Add New”.
  • A new window will open.

  • Choose the related vehicle.
  • Set the date.
  • Write issue summary.

  • Fill the optional fields with the available information about the issue, like the odometer and engine hours reading when the issue happened- you can also void odometer and engine hours, the user reporting the issue, the user assigned to the issue, issue due date.
  • Click ‘Save’ to add the issue to the list.

How to view an issue

  • Click on vehicle name or plate number in issues module.
  • A dashboard called View issue will open, showing all the data that you entered when you created the issue.

Issue dashboard also gives you the following options/features:

– Edit issue to add or modify any information.

– Add comments to the Issue.

– Add photos to the Issue.

– Add documents to the Issue.

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