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Inventory Rooms

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Inventory Rooms is a module created to contain all the information of all the inventory rooms in your warehouses.

How to add a new inventory room?

To add an inventory room:

  • Click on the (+) sign on the upper right side of the grid.
  • A new window will open.

  • Enter the room name.
  • Enter the warehouse that contains the room.
  • Choose which building in the warehouse the room belongs to.
  • Choose the floor where the room exists.
  • Assign the units to the room.
  • Finally, click Save to add the new room to the list of inventory room.

How to monitor an inventory room?

To monitor an inventory room:

  • Go to Dashboard in the menu of contents.
  • Choose Charts.
  • In Charts, click Add New then choose Room.

  • Choose the room that you would like to monitor and the type of chart; Area or Line.
  • Click Save.

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