AVL User Manual

Manage Account

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By Clicking the manage account icon, a menu will be opened:

  • Welcome “username”
    By clicking on the username, it will help you to edit your profile’s data:

    • Main Info:
      • Edit the password
      • Edit the user image
      • Edit the time zone
    • Contact Info:
      • Name
      • Company
      • Company AR
      • Address
      • Country
      • City
      • Postal code
      • Phones
      • E-mails
    • Map Settings:
      • Icon settings
      • Icon display (Icon, Arrow or Icon & arrow).
      • Show Object Tail (ON/OFF).
      • Object Tail color
    • Map remember settings
      • Remember Last Map Position (On/Off).

To remember the last position on map before logout

  • Remember last Map Zoom (On/Off).

To remember the last position on map before logout

  • Show Zoom Slider control (on/off).

To turn on/off the zoom slider on the screen

  • Select Tile settings
    • Show Select Tile control

To turn on/off the tile control icon

  • Default Selected Tile

To select the default Tile (Google Road Map/ Open Street Map/ Google Satellite/ Google Hybrid)

  • Show Tiles in select Tile

To select/unselect the tiles in the menu

  • Layers Control Settings
    • Show Layers Control

To Turn on/Off the layers control

  • Show Layers in Layers Control menu.

To select layers to be shown in the layers control menu (units, zones, markers, Customers and tracking).

  • Map Defaults Settings
    • Default Map Center Latitude

To set the default Map center Latitude.

  • Default Map center longitude

To set the default Map center Longitude.

  • Choose from map:
    To set the location on the map
  • Unit Defaults Settings
    • Default unit Location Latitude

To set the Default unit latitude on the map.

  • Choose from map:
    To set the unit location latitude on the map


  • Default unit location Longitude

To set the default unit longitude on the map.

  • Unit Intervals

To set the unit intervals colors

  • User settings:
    • General Settings:
      To set General settings for users:

      • Address Format:

Choose the address format from the menu (Google Address, Zone name or latitude and longitude).

  • Capacity unit:
    Choose Fuel Capacity unit (Liter or Gallon)
  • Temperature Unit:
    Choose Temperature Unit of the trailers (Celsius or Fahrenheit).
  • Distance Unit

Choose the distance unit covered by the vehicles (Km, Mile or Nautical Mile).

  • Start Weekday

Choose the start day of your work weekday.

  • Unit additional Info

Choose from the table what items do you want to be shown or not in the unit’s tooltip or the work list.

  • Fuel Settings:
    • You can control fuel settings from here.

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