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The Table

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  • Is visible on the map:
    Select the visibility of the zones on the map.
  • Name:

– This column shows to you the name of the zone.

– By clicking on it, it will redirect the zone on the map.

  • Type:
    This column shows to you the type of the zone (line, polygon or circle) each by its icon.
  • Zone group:
    This column shows to you which zone group the zone belongs to.
  • Units:
    – This column shows to you the number of units have the access to enter the zone and between the brackets the number of units are actually inside the zone.

– By clicking on it, a pop-up window will open with the following:

  • Tabs to show the units in the zone according to their status (all of them, stopped units, idle, moving units, no drivers assigned to them units).
  • Excel sheet icon:
    To export the data through an excel sheet.
  • Name:
    To show the units name.
  • Location:
    To show the location of the units.
  • Speed:
    To show the current speed.


Click on the icon to take actions with the selected unit:

    • Extra:
      By clicking on the extra icon it will open to you three actions to take.
    • Assign user:
      To assign user to the zone, click on it and select from the pop-up window the users you want to assign the zone to and then click assign users.
    • Unassign user:

Click on it and select from the pop-up window the users to unassign the zone from them.

  • Zone units:
    Same as clicking on zone units’ numbers.

– Edit:
Same data as adding a zone but here to edit the already registered data.

– Copy:
Same data as adding/editing zone but here to add or edit data before copying to clipboard.

– Delete:
Delete the zone and send it to the trashed zones list.

  • Each column can be sorted ascending and descending.
  • Each column can be filtered by the values or conditions (and/OR) from the list of conditions (Equals, doesn’t equal, begins with, ends with, contains, doesn’t contain).

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