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Markers Tab

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This to show you the markers list in the system and on the map with actions to take with it.

    • Action bar:
      • Refresh:
        To refresh the marker groups menu
      • List Trashed:
        You can review the trashed items from here.
      • Add:
        To add a new marker on the map, click on the + icon and it will open to you a pop-up window with the following:

        • Main Info:
          • Enter the name of the marker
          • Add description
          • Choose an icon
        • Access:
          Give access for the users in the list
        • Export:
          By clicking on this icon it enables you to export the data in the form you choose (XLSX, XLS, CSV).
        • Import:
          By clicking on this icon it opens a pop-up window to browse the data you want to import from your PC.
        • Three-dotted menu:
          Enables you to select which data to show on the menu (visibility of the marker on the map, name of the marker, icon of the marker, actions to take).


  • The Table:
    • Is visible on the map:
      Turn on/off the visibility of the marker on the map.
    • Name:
      Name of the marker on the map, by clicking on the name with your mouse it redirects to its location on the map.
    • Icon:
      This shows to you the icon of the marker on the map.
    • Actions:
      This enables to you many actions to take with the marker:

      • Extra:
        • Assign Users:
          Click on the icon to assign users from the users list.
        • Unassign Users:
          Click on the icon to unassign users from the assigned users list.
      • Edit:
        Same as adding a new marker but here is to edit and save.
      • Copy:
        Same as adding/editing new marker but here to edit before copying to the clipboard.
      • Delete:
        Delete the marker and send it to the trash list
    • Each column can be sorted ascending and descending.
    • Each column can be filtered by the values or conditions (and/OR) from the list of conditions (Equals, doesn’t equal, begins with, ends with, contains, doesn’t contain).

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