AVL User Manual

Action Bar

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  • Action bar:
    • Refresh:
      To refresh the zones menu
    • List Trashed:
      You can review the trashed items from here.
    • Add:
      To add a new zone, click on the + icon and it will open to you a pop-up window with the following:

      • Main info tab:
        • Name:

Enter the zone name

  • Zone group:
    Assign the zone to a zone group through searching for the group.
  • Type:
    Select from the drop-down menu the shape of the zone (line, circle or polygon).
  • Color:
    This enables you to choose the color of the zone through two options:
    – Select from the color pantone the color of the zone.

– drag the bar of the color and select the color degree from the pantone.

  • Personal points:
    Switch on/off the personal points.
  • Access tab:
    Give permissions to the users over the zone.
  • Save:
    Click on it to save the data.
  • Reset:
    To reset the entered data back to default.
  • Cancel:
    To discard the changes to data
  • Export:

By clicking on this icon, it enables you to export the data in the form you choose (XLSX, XLS, CSV).

  • Import:
    By clicking on this icon it opens a pop-up window to browse the data you want to import from your PC.
  • Three-dotted menu:
    Enables you to select which data to show on the zones menu (visibility of the zone on the map, name of the zone, type of the zone, zone group, units, actions to take).

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