Fleet User Manual 2022

Fuel History Module

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Fuel History module is dedicated to helping fleet managers track and monitor the consumption and costs of fuel. All the fuel entries added to your account on Fleet system will appear in this module with all their related information, like name/plate number of the vehicle linked to the entry, date and time of the entry, volume, total cost, in addition to total fuel cost, total volume, and average fuel cost per vehicle in SAR.  Fuel History module interface also provides a number of extra actions, like filtering fuel entries (according to name, date, volume, and total cost), editing, deleting, and adding new fuel entries.

How to add a new fuel entry:

Click on Add New, a new window will open.

  • Choose a vehicle from the list of vehicles registered on your Fleet Account.
  • Set the date and time.
  • Set either the odometer reading or the engine hours.
  • Enter fuel volume in liters.
  • Choose the fuel type (diesel, 95, 91).
  • Enter the total cost in Saudi Riyals.
  • Add any additional details (optional).
  • Click Save and the fuel entry will be added to the list.

To edit a fuel entry, go to Edit from the edit icon, edit the information of the entry, and click Save.

To delete a fuel entry, click the delete icon and confirm the action.

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