Fleet User Manual 2022

Expenses Module

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Expenses module consists of two sections; Expenses Archive and Expenses List. Expenses Archive is where the archived Expenses are stored. Expenses List is dedicated to viewing, tracking, and managing all the other expenses that your fleet of vehicles is linked to.

All the expenses added to your account on Fleet system (other than fuel, maintenance, vehicle insurance, installments, and vehicle purchase) will appear in this section with all their related information, like name/plate number of the vehicle linked to the expense, expense type, vendor, expense amount, expense date, and expense status.

Expenses module interface also offers a number of actions that help you manage your expense, like searching for an expense, filtering expenses according to vehicle, expense type, vendor, expense amount, expense date, and expense status, in addition to editing, archiving, exporting, and adding new expenses.

How to add a new expense:

  • Click ‘Add New’ on the top right of the list.
  • A new window will open.

  • Select the vehicle linked to the expense.
  • Choose the vendor collecting the expense.
  • Choose the expense type.
  • Set the expense date and time.
  • Enter expense amount.
  • Choose creator.
  • Add any comments (optional).
  • Add any related attachments (optional).
  • Click Save to add the expense.

Expense management workflow:

  • After adding the new expense, it will appear in the expenses list.
  • The default status of the newly-added expense is ‘Open’.
  • The system sends an expense request notification to the admin assigned to approving/rejecting the expenses.
  • The admin reviews the expense and changes the status to Approved or Rejected.

  • For approved expenses a notification is sent to the user responsible for reimbursement.
  • the user responsible for reimbursement reviews the expense and its related data and changes the status from ‘Approved’ to ‘Reimbursed’ or sets it back to ‘Open’, if he/she is not satisfied with any aspect of the expense.

How to edit expenses:

  • To edit expenses’ information, click the edit icon .
  • A new window will open where you can update the information of the expense.

  • Modify the information and click Save.

How to archive expenses:

  • Click the archive icon .
  • Confirm the action.

  • The expense will be sent to archive.
  • To restore an archived expense, got to Expenses Archive and click on the restore icon .
  • To delete an expense permanently, click the delete icon .

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