Fleet User Manual 2022

Dashboard Module

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Fleet system dashboard consists of a group of cards showing statistics that give you, the user, the necessary insights and information and enable you to follow up on all your fleet operations. From the drop-down list on top left of the module you can choose to show the information of all vehicles or a certain group of vehicles.
Note: You cad add any number of extra cards to the dashboard according to the unique needs of your business and operations.

Total Cost Card:
A section that shows the information about your fleet expenses.

Choose the chart type; bar, stacked bar, line, or area. You can choose to view.
Chart Types:
1- Bar

2- Stacked Bar

3- Line

4- Area

Choose the period of the expenses. You can show the expenses of up-to six months.

Choose to show chart per month or week.

You also have the option to view the chart of total cost or the other costs separately.

Issues Card

The issues card shows the total number of vehicle issues, the status/type of issues (Open, Closed, In-Progress), and a chart for those types.

Reminders Card

The Reminders card shows the number of system reminders about Vendor Contract Termination, Service Due Date, and Insurance Expiration for this week, in a week, in 2 weeks, or in 4 weeks.

Vehicle Statuses Card

Vehicle Statuses card shows the vehicles registered on your account according to their statuses; Inspect, Active, Inactive, In Maintenance, and other statuses.

Activity Stream Card

This card displays any action performed on Fleet system by any user for the past 24 hours.

Services Card

This card displays the total number of vehicle services and services types (open, Closed, In-progress). You have the option to filter by All, work orders, and service entry.


Services Due Date Card

This card shows more details about service due date, previously shown in Reminders Card. Here you can find out which services are overdue, due today, or upcoming in the future.

Vehicle Renewal Reminders Card

This card is dedicated to viewing the vehicles’ licenses expiration dates to help you take proactive action and plan the renewal of those licenses.

Inventory Counters Card

This card shows the number of spare parts that reach minimum stock in Low Stock section, and the number of spare parts that are used up will show under No Stock section.

Inspection Summary Card

This card shows a summary of inspection operations performed on the fleet of vehicles on the system; the number of inspections that found issues (Failed), and the number of inspections that found no issues (passed).

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