AVL User Manual

Audit Log

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By selecting Audit log from the left side menu, you can get access to the log details for every user in the system. Click on Audit log and the left menu will show the following:


  • Select Module:

Select from the drop-down menu a module to filter by a certain module:

(All modules, units, driver, user, driver group, status, trailer, unit group, marker, zone, zone group, protocol commands, package, customer type, customer and event).

  • Select User:
    Select user from the drop-down menu to filter by a certain user or all users
  • Refresh Icon:
    To refresh the log menu
  • The table:
    • Date:
      Date and exact time of the action.
    • Module:
      The module over the user that has made the action.
    • Action:
      The action taken by the user
    • Resource title:
      The resource title in the system (zones, units, customer, etc.).
    • User:
      The user that has taken the action.
    • Details:

–  To see more log details, click on the eye icon and a pop-up window will open with these details (Module name, action made, resource title, user, date, data, new value, old value).

– You can move the pop-up window to reposition it on any place on the screen.

  • View options:
  • You can select how many logs you want to be shown on the screen from this tab starting from 1 to 1000
  • Press to show the previous or the next page

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