AVL Updated User Manual English Version

Technical Requirements

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The following are the basic technical requirements that AFAQYAVL system needs for smooth and uninterrupted operations.

– Recommended Web Browsers:

– Google Chrome

– Mozilla Firefox

Other browsers might be able to work with the system, but for the best performance, we recommend that you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and to make sure that you are using the latest updated version of the browsers.


– Hardware Capabilities

AFAQYAVL is a data and RAM friendly system that does not require any special hardware capabilities in your computer, but these are the minimum hardware requirements for a trouble-free performance:

– Central Processing Unit (CPU): 1.6 GHz.

– RAM capacity: 4GB.

– Core: I3.

Please note that:

– These are the requirements needed to solely operate AFAQYAVL in normal conditions. If you are using multiple software programs on the same computer, this might slow down the system, so you should adjust your hardware according to your needs and workflow.

– These are the hardware requirements needed to operate the software part of the system. Other hardware devices (tracking devices, sensors, etc.) provided by AFAQY will be installed during the installation process.

– Internet connection and speed

AFAQYAVL does not work offline. It is a cloud-based solution accessed via the internet, so a stable internet connection is a must to run the system. The minimum internet speed for the system is 1 Mbps.

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