AVL User Manual

About The System

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AFAQY introduces to you our latest product to track and monitor your vehicles and cars “AVL” as a result of 25 years of experience in the IoT and tracking field. AFAQY is always ready to transform the needs of different industries into features of unique products that satisfy these needs and boost the revenue of these products.

Our developers and research team are doing their utmost and rocking it with new updates to make our products meet your expectations with a new updated version of AFAQY AVL supported with new features and a new user-friendly interface. We have used the latest trends of the tracking technologies in order to serve different industries, commercial, security, or even personal (GPS, GIS, GMS, Satellite, UHF/VHF)

By using AVL, you can easily track and monitor your vehicles, monitor the directions, evaluate your drivers, generate reports, monitor the speed, reduce fuel consumption, and get notifications about maintenance services

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